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About Irina

Nurture Your Body, Mind and Spirit with Healing Photography and Photo Meditations!!

Photography Spa is a place you can use to relax, rejuvenate, feel closer to Nature, and find healing photography for pleasure and healing.

ABOUTPhotography Spa is a place to help you find your inner beauty as well as see the beauty of nature, appreciate life, learn to love your body, regain self-confidence, nourish your mind and spirit, master self healing techniques, discover new directions to grow, gain new goals for new accomplishment, and of course, just breathe, smile and be happy for no reason.

I have been interested in fine art photography for a long time. I started being very serious about it during my self-healing time (after my breast cancer journey) when I needed to reduce stress, refocus, and just keep my mind occupied. That was the time when Photography Spa with healing photography and photo meditations was founded.

Today, I am a breast cancer survivor, and photography is my biggest passion and my favorite business.

Most of the time, I take floral macro photos, have fun with my lensbaby composer, try being creative with nature abstract photos,and experiment with black and white photography.

As a certified lifestyle coach for women, breast cancer survivor and fine art photographer, I work on my workshops and online courses to help women learn how to use healing photography to nurture mind, body and spirit.

Some more about me:

I am also founded – Holistic Health and Nutrition Programs and Retreats and NaturalCounselor Blog for Midlife Women and also was producer and talk radio host of holistic health talk radio for women “Feel and Look Fabulous with Irina”.

Let us breathe, smile and be happy with miracles of nature.

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© Irina Wardas, Fine Art Photographer, Lifestyle Coach, Talk Radio Host