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Soothing Pink Rose Image

Soothing Pink Rose Image for Peace and Comfort

What color brings you comfort, peace, composure and helps you get rid of anger, frustration and irritability? A lot of people prefer green or blue, but I am a soft pink person.  Soft Pink helps me ease my distress and get rid of tension . What about you?

Is your meaning of color pink the same as mine. According to color therapy sources, the the healing colors of pink is very soothing for our mind body spirit.

For example, Baker-Miller pink color may help you relax faster as well as slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.

The color of pink, in general, the color of love and purity, and can bring us positive emotional energy.  According to fen shui, soft pink soothes the heart and fills it with love.

My favorite shade of pink color is so called divine Pink. It makes me very happy, that is why I would love to share with you this natural macro photo of a pink rose.  Let this soft pink rose petal help you feel centered, relaxed and at peace.

Soothing Pink Rose Image for Peace and Comfort