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Black grape wall decor

Black Grape Photo Meditation

It is the right time for a Black Grape Photo Meditation to help you refocus, reduce stress and practice mindful eating.

Welcome to Natural Photography Spa any time you are in a mood for a Black Grape Photo Meditation. But you can also get some fresh black grapes from your Farmers Market and try a Black Grape Meditation with real grapes on your plate- in this case, you will have a delicious and super healthy snack afterwards:-)

Black Grape Photo Meditation 

Sit comfortable,  close your eyes and start breathing at least for 3 minutes to relax your body and calm your mind.

Inhale slowly on a count of 4, exhale slowly on a count of 5.
Pay attention to your breathing trying to ignore all the thoughts jumping around.
Open your eye, look at the photos of black grapes, and pick the one you like the most and would love to continue photo meditation with.
Continue breathing.
Look at the grapes as if you see them for the first time in your life.
Notice the colors, shape, texture and other small details you might never had a chance to notice before.
Pay attention to your breathing: are you still breathing or holding your breath from time to time.
Continue breathing. You can even close your eyes and just breathe for a couple of minutes while counting all details you noticed in the black grape photo.
Now open your eyes, look at the photo and try to imagine the taste of a a juicy black grape:
do you like it? can you find some seeds or is it seedless?
Continue breathing and playing with your imagination.
When you are ready, take a couple of deep breaths, stand up slowly and get back to your daily routine.
Black Grape Photo Meditation

Breathe, smile and be happy with one photographic miracle of Nature at a time.