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Spring Tree Branch Photo Meditation

Spring Tree Branch Photo Meditation

Welcome to Photography Spa to practice a Spring Tree Branch Photo Meditation with Irina Wardas healing photography.

How often do you pay attention to nature around you? Do you look up at the sky, clouds or just the tree branches while walking, jogging, or having lunch with friends?

If you stop for a couple of minutes, and just look at the tree branches, it might be a very therapeutic experience for you. I call it tree meditation because it can help you relax your nervous system, get rid of anxiety, lower blood pressure, and enhance your energy and strength.

Spring Tree Branch Photo Meditation

Sit comfortable. Take a couple of deep breaths. Look at the images below and pick the one you like the most.

Breathe in, breathe out…

Breathe in all joy and energy, breathe out all worries and negative thoughts.

Focus on the picture. Try to control your thoughts by looking at and focusing on one tiny detail in the picture.

How are you feeling right now?

Breathe in, breathe out…  Keep on breathing…

Listen to your body: notice how your body responds to the sights, colors, and scents (if you can imagine one).

Continue breathing with open awareness to the beauty of the nature.

Finally, take a deep breath and get ready for the rest of your day.

Take this image, scent and peace of this meditation with you.

* This tree branch meditation might help you relax, refocus and fall asleep faster if you practice it in the evening.

Spring Tree Branch Photo Meditation

You can also try a tree branch photo meditation outside: stop under the tree and keep on looking at/through branches for a couple of minutes, while breathing smiling and thinking of nothing.

Breathe, smile and be happy with one photographic miracle of Nature at a time