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Winter Trees Healing Photography

Photo of the Day | Learn the Secrets of Winter Trees with Healing Photography

Welcome to Photography Spa and another Tree Branch Meditation.  Today you will find natural healing photography of winter trees, which  you can use to to improve your mood, relax your muscles, and refocus your mind, body and spirit.

Have you noticed how beautiful and different each trees is in winter?  Each tree may look alike to those of us that don’t pay attention, but just because there may be only a couple leaves left, they are all waiting for spring with their own individual anticipation.

Of winter’s lifeless world each tree
Now seems a perfect part;
Yet each one holds summer’s secret
Deep down within its heart.
–Charles G. Slater

Photo of the Day | Learn the Secrets of Winter Trees with Healing Photography

Next time you go for a walk, look around, find the tree you like, talk to it, feel its energy, learn its secrets.  The time spent with the tree will be your tree meditation time.

  • Keep on breathing… Pay attention to your breaths….Are they become shorter or longer?
  • Do you feel comfortable with your breathing?
  • Are you relaxed or still tensed and anxious?
  • Keep on breathing for a a couple of minutes…
  • Now look at the photos, paying attention to your breathing.
  • Keep on breathing…
  • Start paying attention to the details on the photos: the leaves, branches, texture, colors.

Breathe, smile and be happy with one miracle of Nature at a time